Helping to make the workplace an understanding, peaceful & collaborative place

I work with corporate, private and charitable companies providing workshops, courses and experiences, including, Dealing With Anxiety and Overwhelm, Meditation and Mindfulness and Change Your Perception, Change Your Life; A way of challenging our story and internal dialogue to enable a more peaceful, less stressful and kind working environment.

I am currently working with The Myton Hospices delivering the Dealing with Anxiety and Overwhelm workshop as part of their staff wellbeing programme.

I have been published in Natural Health Magazine, Om Yoga and Soul and Spirit.

I have run talks, evenings and workshops for ConvaTec, Solihull Natural Health Group, Solihull Cancer Support, and have been commissioned to run workshops for The Myton Hospices, as part of their staff well being programme.

I filmed an episode of No County for Old men with John Thompson and Simon Day taking them on a Shamanic Journey.

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to allow your workplace to be a more collaborative, understanding and peaceful environment.



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