Sit With Me

Sit With Me is on pause until this tricky period is over. You can find easy to follow, short meditations for anxiety, panic, children and global healing on my YouTube here,


Jenny xx

Sit With Me is a project begun by Jenny in January 2020. It brings peaceful and meditative space to busy malls. Jenny takes her meditation cushions, and some chairs and creates a circle in the middle of the mall, allowing shoppers to come and take a few minutes to be mindful and to find a little peace.

Jenny is available to sit with, or to ask for guidance or help.

There is nothing quite so beautiful than sitting with others in peace.

You are warmly invited to

Sit With Me.

Next Sit With Me dates are

31st Jan 2020

7th Feb

21st Feb

6th March

20th March

12-2pm At Touchwood Shopping Centre, Solihull near the Apple Store.