Some background Information

Our perception and living in the Now is the dominant part of my work. Whether you come for one-to-one sessions, a workshop or a course, the aim at some level is being able to experience being present in the Now.

I offer sound sessions, meditation, shamanic dreaming, and one off workshops throughout the year.

For more information on one to one sessions click here or for information on sound baths click here.

Today I do not offer any complementary therapies however below is some information about some of those I have studied; they always inform some of the workshops, evenings or courses that you can come and enjoy.


Probably the best known of the therapies I have studied. I received my BSc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2000.

I often use my knowledge of Chinese medicine to explain concepts within a workshop, it is truly an inspirational way to see the body, and understand how it interacts with our emotions and behaviours.

Shamanic Healing

Working Shamanically in the way that I do involves entering a realm of other worldly consciousness that allows me to bring information into this world. You may have heard some of the terms, below are the explanations of some of the techniques.

Shamanic Dreaming Courses

I run beginners and intermediate shamanic dreaming courses. Here you learn how to journey in the way of the Shaman, meet your power animals and Spirit guides and in the intermediary courses how to do simple healings. Please have a look at the calendar of events for the next event.

Soul Retrieval

A way of helping patients deal with past trauma. Shamans believe that when we go through difficult times and are unable to process and release them at the time, we leave a part of our Soul essence with the trauma, guarding it until a time that we are able to come to terms with what happened. During Soul Retrieval the soul part is found and released, bringing it back into line with your life today.

Power Retrieval

Used when people feel that they have lost their power within their life. Power Retrieval introduces you to a Power Animal who has agreed to work with you in this life, walking with you and helping when he/she can.

Past Life Retrieval

For when events or trauma in a past life are continuing to interrupt your life today. The relevant past life and its lessons can be bought into the present day for healing and peace. This can be a really useful therapy for making sense of some of the harder to explain aspects of your life!


Reiki, is a beautiful, hands on or off healing treatment. Reiki One allows you to begin your own journey of self healing and allows you to treat your family and friends.

Reiki Two begins your journey as a practitioner, you receive the reiki symbols and deepen your practise. Reiki Master allows you to begin teaching others and allows Reiki to Master you.

Vibrational Healing

Vibration is all there is! The universe is a body of amazing vibrations, the seemingly solid rock as well as the human body is a swirl of vibrational energy, all spinning at different rates and producing different effects depending on the speed of the vibration. So vibrational healing is simply a way of moving a slowed, down dis-eased vibration higher up the scale to match that of a healthy vibration.

Many approaches and remedies that you may have heard of work from a vibrational stand point: Bush and Bach Flower remedies, homeopathy, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, sound therapy, Aura Soma, to name a few, all work through vibration. Each therapy or remedy holds a vibrational code unique to that approach.