Sound Baths

A truly unique experience

Soundbaths are on Zoom for 2020- you can listen in your pyjamas!

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Everyone has their sound and camera off so total privacy; come and enjoy a guided meditation followed by the incredible crystal bowls.

There is a sound check video on my Youtube here which you can use to find the best listening experience for you.


What is a Sound Bath at The Annexe?
A Sound Bath is an opportunity to truly relax, and allow the power of sound to take you into a state of deep relaxation.

Making yourself comfy on meditation cushions and bean bags, and wrapped up in blankets, your session begins with either a guided meditation or chakra tuning, depending on the type of experience you have booked.

You are then bathed in the sounds of the four crystal healing bowls:

Ocean Gold Alchemy bowl; bringing the deep energies of Neptune and Dolphin, allowing us to connect to the flow of nature, and promoting loving communication and group harmony.

Androgynous Indium Alchemy bowl: Radiating the violet light of ascension (I AM), and illuminating our interior Life, allowing all aspects of Self, it harmonises male and female.

Chrysoprase bowl for heart opening, anxiety, depression and centering.

Pink Alchemy bowl, for deepening the heart energies and bringing balance to the emotions.

Then the sounds of the Gongs are bought in; the Sedna Gong bringing in the deep healing of the sea, and the legend of the Inuit Goddess Sedna, and the Singing Bowl Gong which introduces the seven tones of the chakras, energising and uplifting them.

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Small Group Chakra Tuning & Sound Bath

You book your small group for a date and time that suits you. The room is set out with a space each to lie comfortably flat, aided by lots of bean bags and pillows to make you as comfortable as possible.

The session begins with gently balancing the chakras of each person individually using the chakra tuning forks, followed by the gorgeous Heart Ohm vibrating fork.

You are then bathed in the soundscape of the gongs and crystal bowls, allowing deep peace and relaxation.

For up to four people, the hour is £80.

Larger groups

A larger group can book in for their own personal meditation and sound bath night. This includes a short, guided meditation, suitable for everyone.

You are then bathed in the soundscape of the gongs and crystal bowls, allowing deep peace and relaxation.

Up to thirteen people, the hour is £20 per person

Meditation & Sound Bath nights

Come and relax, make yourself comfortable and enjoy a guided meditation and sound bath. There is no experience necessary, you simply make yourself comfortable and allow the meditation to take you on a journey.

You are then bathed in the soundscape of the gongs and crystal bowls, allowing deep relaxation and peace.

Everyone is warmly welcome; I run nights of meditation and sound baths which are open to individuals and are £10 each, simply go to the events page to see when the next one is.